Mobile App

Apps have become the new frontiers of businesses today, wherein revenue depends on building the right app, while acquiring, supporting and engaging users.

As customers’ expectations from their mobile apps are soaring, a right approach for developing and managing apps has become crucial for start-ups and even established digital businesses. Among the plethora of apps available in the market, differentiating your app through excellent customer experience is the key to sustainable business growth.

FaScope Supports and offers a one-stop platform for businesses to fill the gap between mobile apps and consumer awareness; thereby stimulating sales, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction. We deploy an integrated platform approach across multiple customer touch points to address technical and business challenges for your users.

Explosion of new applications on Apple Store and Google Play is making it increasingly difficult for companies with a stringent marketing budget to get their apps discovered. Currently over 1.6 Million Apps exist on Google Play Store, while Apple Store offers nearly 1.5 Million Apps for installation.

With towering costs of customer acquisition, companies seeking opportunities to promote their apps are facing a major challenge of finding and targeting the right user base.FaScope provides you an alternate channel to promote your Apps and connect with end-users directly. Our targeted and systematic approach provides in-store customer acquisition followed by over-the-call on-boarding. Our approach is aimed to not only increase download hits, but expand active users.